Investment & Wealth Creation

Investment & Wealth Creation | McKillop Financial Planning

Investment Strategy

The best way to accumulate wealth is by getting your money and assets to work for you. We can advise you on the types of investments that are suitable for you depending on your investment goals and the timeframe of those goals. Investments can range from real estate to direct shares, managed funds to investment bonds, self managed super funds to term deposits.

Portfolio Management

How involved do you want to be in the daily management of your portfolio? We offer a range of portfolio management options which allow you to choose the right level of service for the daily management of your portfolio.

Wealth Creation

The key to successful wealth creation is to set clearly defined, realistic goals and to then design an investment plan that will help you to achieve those goals.

We can help you design a tax effective plan and an asset allocation strategy (including determining the proportion of shares, property, bonds and cash) that is tailored to your individual circumstances which will take into account the length of time you will be investing and your willingness to accept volatility in your investments.

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Why use a
financial planner?

  • making a lifestyle change
  • reducing your debts and taxes
  • Improving your household budget
  • preparing for a comfortable retirement
  • saving or investing for something special
  • protecting your wealth and those that are important to you
  • buying or renovating a home, paying it off sooner or investing in property
  • making the most of your retirement income and any government payments.