Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning | McKillop Financial Planning

Time is money, even in retirement, and 20 years or more can be a long time to have to support yourself. Compared to previous generations, we are now retiring earlier and living longer. Of great concern is the fact that many people don’t have enough money to support themselves throughout their retirement years, often having to decrease their standard of living in order to make ends meet.

Planning for your retirement can begin at any age. It is better that you start planning sooner rather than later as this will provide you with more opportunities and better results. Our planners can assist you in determining and refining your pre and post retirement goals.

When you leave your job, you will receive a number of different payments. How you use those payments could have a significant impact on your financial security and your lifestyle, now and in the future. We can design a plan that will help you to make the most of those payments – from generating competitive investment returns to maintaining a secure income in retirement and minimising tax and, if appropriate, qualify for social security benefits.

Retirement does not always mean leaving the workforce. Some people choose to continue to work or work part-time well into their retirement and there are advantages (particularly in the areas of taxation) to be gained from implementing proper strategies to deal with that retirement income (including roll-overs, salary sacrifice and super contributions).

If you are retired or planning to retire, we can assist you with enquiries about maximizing your social security entitlements.

Please contact us on (02) 9542 2904 or by email at to discuss any issue relating to your plans for retirement and how to best manage your finances to secure a financially secure future.

Why use a
financial planner?

  • making a lifestyle change
  • reducing your debts and taxes
  • Improving your household budget
  • preparing for a comfortable retirement
  • saving or investing for something special
  • protecting your wealth and those that are important to you
  • buying or renovating a home, paying it off sooner or investing in property
  • making the most of your retirement income and any government payments.