We provide holistic financial planning advice covering every aspect of your finances – personal insurances and risk protection, wealth creation and investment, asset protection, superannuation, retirement planning and estate planning – with regular reviews to consider whether your financial objectives can be achieved as your lifestyle, goals and needs change.

In addition to financial planning services, we have an extensive network of professionals available to assist in all areas from real estate agents to lawyers, accountants to mortgage and finance brokers.

Let us help you create a financially secure future for you and your family.

Finance Services - Insurance, Wealth Creation, Finance | McKillop Financial Planning

Finance Services - Insurance, Wealth Creation, Finance | McKillop Financial PlanningPersonal Insurances

You cannot control the inevitable risks in life however, you can control how you prepare for them.

The shock of death, accident or serious illness can be devastating for you, your family or your business. Often, the repercussions are also severe – working out how to provide for your family, paying for long term care or treatment and keeping your business afloat.

Personal insurances can help you soften the financial blow dealt by these difficulties, giving you flexibility in deciding what risks you want to cover and how much cover to take out for each.

Protect your family, your wealth and your earning ability by insuring yourself against death, diagnosis of a serious illness or injury, or to provide regular income to your family should you be unable to continue to work.


Superannuation is an important consideration for all Australians. No matter what stage of your life you are at, investing in super as early as possible reaps the greatest rewards as your money works for you over time.

We can advise on a range of super funds and superannuation solutions to help you achieve your goals and accululate wealth over time, so that when the time comes, your retirement plans will be easily realised.

Investment & Wealth Creation

Investment Strategy
The best way to accumulate wealth is by getting your money and assets to work for you. We can advise you on the types of investments that are suitable for you depending on your investment goals and the timeframe of those goals. Investments can range from real estate to direct shares, managed funds to investment bonds, self managed super funds to term deposits.

Wealth Creation
The key to successful wealth creation is to set clearly defined realistic investment goals and to then design an investment plan that will help you to achieve those goals.

Retirement Planning

Time is money, even in retirement, and 20 years or more can be a long time to have to support yourself. Compared to previous generations, we are now retiring earlier and living longer. Of great concern is the fact that many people don’t have enough money to support themselves throughout their retirement years, often having to decrease their standard of living in order to make ends meet.

Planning for your retirement can begin at any age. It is better that you start planning sooner rather than later as this will provide you with more opportunities and better results. Our planners at McKillop Financial Planning can assist you in determining and refining your pre and post retirement goals.

Estate Planning & Business Succession

For most people, every decision is based on the question ‘what will best serve the needs of my family?’ You can’t afford to leave your family unprotected when you are gone.

We can assist you to by providing a range of estate planning and business succession services including working with you and/or your solicitor to help you structure a tax-effective estate plan using testamentary trusts and other strategies (including appropriate structures such as trusts, superannuation and insurances) to help protect your assets from unnecessary taxation or the unwelcome claims of others.