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Superannuation is an important consideration for all Australians. No matter what stage of your life you are at, investing in super as early as possible reaps the greatest rewards as your money works for you over time.

We can advise on a range of super funds and superannuation solutions to help you achieve your goals and accumulate wealth over time, so that when the time comes, your retirement plans will be easily realised.

Super consolidation

If you have a number of superannuation accounts, you’re probably paying multiple sets of fees. This can mean a significant difference to your final super balance, not to mention all the time you spend dealing with multiple sets of paperwork.

It makes sense, both practically and financially, to consolidate your super into the one account. With all your super money together in one place, it’s easier to follow and get a clearer picture of how it’s performing. Plus, by reducing unnecessary fees, you can give your super the power to really grow!

Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is a tax-effective strategy whereby an individual can invest greater levels into their super to boost retirement funds. This is achieved by making pre tax salary contributions to super above the usual superannuation guarantee amount. These concessional contributions are exempt from income tax and are taxed inside your super fund at a flat contributions tax rate.

Transition to retirement strategies

Transition to retirement strategies take advantage of superannuation rules that allow those aged over 55 who are still working to make pre tax salary sacrifice deposits into super while rolling some or all of their superannuation balances into a non-commutable allocated pension. This provides a regular tax-effective income stream from super combined with your (reduced due to salary sacrifice) take home pay.

The tax treatment of these arrangements allow super balances to be boosted greatly in those pre retirement years without sacrificing your lifestyle. You can also take advantage of other government incentives like co-contributions and spouse contributions to boost your super and earn tax offsets if they suit your circumstances.

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